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We at yha travel Kenya create extraordinary, unique experiences for core and multi-generational family travel, for fathers and sons who want to bond, or “just for the girls”, as well as for wider family reunions. After all, your adventure is our commitment at a pocket friendly deal !

There is a wide choice of adventure travel programs in Kenya out there for you and your family that yha travel has for you.  We’re here to help you experience it.  We take a personal interest in planning your ideal holiday and are interested in ensuring that the trip we custom-craft especially for you takes into account your entire group, family or as an independent traveller.  

  • Do you want to transform your travel dreams into exciting holidays but don’t know where to start?
  • Have you spent hours searching the web for travel options in Kenya yet still feel confused?
  • Do you long for a unique Kenya adventure to unite your family in a phenomenal shared experience?
  • Do you want someone you can trust to plan your holiday trip in the style and value you expect?
  • Do you want a peace of mind, security and comfort throughout your trip, knowing that someone is on call for any issues that may arise?

  Through our extensive network with local operators, coordinators and private guides, all contributing to native conservation efforts, we design journeys of every kind:

Wilderness and Wildlife: Whatever your passion is for Kenya adventure travel the possibilities are endless to.

Culture, History and Archaeology: 

There’s no better way to get to the true heart of a country than through its people and history, to uncover different ways of life, stay with local peoples or tribes, visits to museums and Kenya national archives, encounter major sites of antiquity and little known gems.  Experience the nomad’s life in Kenya when visiting Masai mara, turukana, samburu to mention but a few, and the celebrated site of the Kenya’s. 


Stay with the locals and join in to some of Kenya’s best festivals and events that take place in various regions in Kenya these are the international camel derby, bull fighting in western Kenya, the dugong festival in lamu, donkey race, music festival among many others.

Biking, Hiking and Trekking:  There are great ways to discover Kenya the amazing variety of peoples and cultures that make up our country.  Kenya offers a remarkable choice for leisurely holidays of this kind in the  Kenyan beautiful beach in the  coast, The rift valley and its escarpments ,lakes, wildlife and just a few of the destinations offering a wide range of possibilities for being outdoors in natural environments, and there’s nothing that can beat Kenya as  a family destination.

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Our long tradition in providing specialized holidays in Kenya has equipped us with an experience and knowledge which is second to none. Our office staffs in Nairobi have visited all the Hotels, Hostels, and our safari lodges featured in this website and can provide you with those extra little details and information which can make all the difference when planning your holiday. Not only do you benefit from our advice before you travel but you will also find that throughout your holiday we have anticipated your every need. From the moment you arrive in Kenya, you will be struck by the warmth and friendliness of the local people who are genuinely happy to receive guests from all over the Globe, From the African Home Adventure Tours  representative who greets you on arrival, to the chef who prepares delicious local dishes, the waiter who brings you a drink as you relax in the sun and the experienced safari guide who points out that elusive leopard ,lion(the Big Five)- these are just some of the ever smiling which will make your holiday so enjoyable and memorable.


“Karibu Kenya” !!!!! Welcome to Kenya

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  Yha Travel Kenya Mountain Adventure Travel Packages

Affordable adventure climbing tours! We have the best travel bargains for families, groups and independent travellers on safari adventures in Kenya.

Our experienced staff has developed some very excellent professionally designed tour programs suitable to budget travellers, packages for travellers looking at trekking, climbing and walking in and around Mount Kenya cheaply.These Mount Kenya hiking tour programs are designed to suite families, independent travellers, groups, small group adventures and travellers of all ages and size. 


MT. KENYA TREKKING TOURS (Save 5% on any of these packages)

Are you travelling to Kenya and looking for affordable adventure Mount Kenya Climbing activities like walking, hiking exploring or even trekking tours?  YHA- Kenya travel has some of the best bargains for families, groups or independent travellers who are in search for safari adventures in Mount Kenya.

Kenya youth hostels travel section is ready to and make your mountaineering expedition fun, fulfilling, memorable and enjoyable. YHA-Kenya travel section is in partnership with one of the best tour operator and activity provider African Home Adventure Safaris which is recognised by the Kenya Association of Tour Operator (KATO)

We will always get you the best climbing safari tour for your time of travel in Kenya! travelling in and around Mount Kenya with your yha Hostelling membership to enable you enjoy and save on great deals provided for on any trekking tour of Mount Kenya.

Responsible travel initiative is Responsible Tourism for Mount Kenya Climbers become a responsible traveller with the youth hostels mountaineering travel tree planting programs. We hope that you will have fun, enjoy travelling in and around Kenya with your yha membership for great deals with Kenya youth hostels travel ” Happy Hostelling”. 


Mt.Kenya is Africa’s second highest mountain after Kilimanjaro. This extinct volcano is estimated to be 2.5 million years old. Time has taken its toll on the former, reducing the peak from 6500m to 5199 m today, while nature’s untiring eroding agents long ago eroded the crater.

Mt. Kenya is located 180km north of Nairobi within the Mount Kenya National park. The park protected area 3200m above sea level and was established in 1949 and covers an area of 715 sq. km. The mountain comprised of three main zones: - the rocky peak zone, the afro-alpine moorland with its scattering of giant vegetation and the extensive tower slope covered with mountain forest and a bamboo there are over 81plant species. Any fit and prepared person can reach point Lenana, the so-called trekker’s peak; the summit has the twin peaks of 5199m Batian and Nelion and is considered more technically challenging than the higher Mt Kilimanjaro at 5894m.

Choose between Sirimon-Chogoria and Naro Moru Routes.

  Mt. Kenya National Park.

Mount Kenya, at an altitude of 5199 [17058ft] the country's highest mountain, has its higher slope permanently covered in snow and ice, even though it sits astride the equator.

The National park comprises the mountain above the 320m [10,500ft] contour plus two salient astride the Naro moru and the Sirimon routes.

The mountain consists of three peaks the Batian [the highest] Nelion and Lenana. Of these peaks, the original hard centre core is all that remains; the bulk of the volcano has been eroded away with time.

These are true walk on Mount Kenya trips; we will always get you the best walking tours in Mount Kenya for your time of travel in Kenya!

Please choose an itinerary provided on this site that best suits your interest on any expedition tour of Mount Kenya trekking and one of our representatives will attend to your needs.

Choose from below links a program of your choice                                                             mg-8443-copy-367x550.jpg

 Adventure Activity Trips

·         4 Days Sirimon Route

·         4 Days Chogoria- Sirimon or Naromoru

·         5 Days Sirimon – Chogoria

·         5 Days Sirimon – Naromoru

·         6 Days Chogoria –Naromoru

 ·         6 Days Sirimon – Chogoria

Or simply contact us for more details.



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